Top 5 Reasons to Pursue a Culinary Degree

Published: 11th September 2009
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Top 5 Reasons to Pursue a Culinary Degree

The culinary industry is an industry defined by talent, passion, drive, experience and creativity. Many working culinary professionals have received culinary degrees in order to further their careers. Cooking schools in St. Louis and other cities have produced some of the finest chefs working today. They would all agree that a culinary degree is one of the best ways of getting the experience necessary to pursue a career as a professional chef.

There are as many reasons to pursue a culinary degree as there are people pursuing them. And while your reasons may not be the same as anyone else's you all have one thing in common: the passion for creating memorable culinary experiences.

Pursuing Your Culinary Dream in St. Louis
We have gathered a list of the top 5 reasons to pursue a culinary degree in St. Louis:

1. Excitement
Chefs work in a fast paced and ever-changing environment. In addition, chefs can express their creative side by creating new dishes and presentation styles. Do you like to cook and create art? Well, a career as in the culinary industry just might be your calling.

2. Hands-On Training
In culinary school, students can receive competency-based training that stresses fundamental cooking methodologies. This practical training is essential for students to learn from doing and not just from books and lectures.

3. Instruction
Most instructors at local classes and schools are seasoned professional chefs who actively work in the industry, bringing real-world experience into the classroom. Having "been there and done that" dedicated instructors work to prepare students for the real world challenges of working in a professional kitchen. Whether you look online or in a local newspaper, you can learn from the best.

4. Freedom
Whether you want to travel, work in a resort or start you own business, there are many possibilities with a career as a chef and the right skills and experience. There are job opportunities aboard cruise ships, at resorts and right here in Missouri.

5. Job Availability
Even when times are tough in the economy, people still need to eat. Although people are eating out a little less, it does not mean you cannot thrive in the food service industry. Everywhere you look there are restaurants. Begin pursuing a career as a chef today!

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